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The Circle Of

What do you see when you watch a movie screen? Do you allow yourself enough time to discover all the little details, all the possible layers of the images? What if these layers were physically present? What if the screen was alive? The screen: a non-conventional, multilayered, circular screen has been created entirely from upcycled material. The unevenness of the texture creates a unique surface to project onto; without a fixed distance between audience and image.

The Circle Of is an event of focused meditation where live ambient music, video and textile artwork meet to create slow art.

Video, concept: Eszter Horvath, Zsolt Sárközi
Textile artwork: Caroline Lindo

Music by Hartyáni Gábor, Maia Lyon Daw and Ed and the Foxy Fiddler

Dokzaal Amsterdam 2016 and 2017 

Home of Art Gallery Amsterdam 2017 

4Bid Gallery Amsterdam - 2017 

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