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 What is State of Play,
and what is Forest Bathing?


Bathing in the forest is the total immersion into the more then human world. Being the Fauna to the Flora. Indigenous to the Earth and the Cosmos. This is the playful offspring of Shinrin Yoku, Vision Quest,  Pilgrimage, and Sacred Play.

State of Play is a free-state. Inside and out. The more I return to my natural state, the more free and the more connected  I am. This is the web that is woven in State of Play.

State of Play only exists in the here and now. It is a timeless space.

The only laws it has are the laws of nature, such as the law of reciprocity. The more I give, the more I receive, which is why you are invited to bring a bottle of water on our walks. The trees might be thirsty. In State of Play every relationship is consciously reciprocal.

Join, to be initiated as an inhabitant of State of Play, and her magical realms may emerge from the silence.

Join a Forest Bathing Experience

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Forest Light
"The labyrinth section of the forest bathing experience is an instant mindfulness machine.
I felt instantly grounded, and its learned in the felt experience. Brilliant!"


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