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Time Weaver

This project is still pending funding


Humanity succeeded in a relatively short timeframe to come from the sparks of banging rocks together all the way to nuclear fusion. That is an enormous achievement. Nuclear fusion is what happens in stars. At the same time our notion of the inner workings of the dimension of time is infantile and linear. And yet, if we return to the felt presence of direct experience, and we realize that the absence of evidence is not evidence of absence, than we have a wealth of schools of wisdom at our disposal. We aim to make these practically accessible in our instrument, the Time Weaver.

The Gregorian calendar is composed of multiple elements that have less to do with the movement of time, and more with the collection of taxes. the linguistic root of the word calendar actually comes from Latin calendarium: “account book”. Most, if not all, significant indigenous cultures on this planet had some kind of 13-moon based solar timing system. The Essenes, the Hopi, the Tibetans, Japanese, Aboriginals, many African tribes, Maya, Aztec, Toltec, Olmec, Amazonians and many more.

Since time is a mental perception, the effects of basing a civilization on artificial timing factors — an irregular calendar and the mechanical clock - is one of the (almost) imperceptible fundamental contributing factors to the creation of the current global crisis. We are consuming natural resources faster than they can be replaced and create more waste than can be eliminated. We are living a collective, to some extent literally prophetic, choice. We find ourselves to be out of balance; with ourselves and with nature. And the instrument we envision to create is to become an invaluable tool to find our way back into harmony with that which we came from and are dependant on: Nature.

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