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The Path

Finding Something Real in Every Turn

Labyrinths and Mazes have a history that can be traced back some 4000 years, but they may be as old as life itself. The difference between a Labyrinth and a Maze is that a Labyrinth consists of a single meandering pathway which leads inexorably from the entrance to the center, and on occasions back out again. A Maze however is a place to make choices, to get lost and to run into many dead ends. In a way a Labyrinth and a Maze can both be made to represent any aspect of life and the web of life itself. This is why I am so endlessly fascinated with these topics.


The Path: Currently I am working on the development of a multidimensional "Labyrinth" (a mix between a Labyrinth and a Maze) for inter-visceral death and rebirth. During a vision quest inside the "Labyrinth" the traveler, or the pilgrim will encounter many installations/temples to interact with. Amongst which will be an ancestral healing machine and temples for all the parts that make up our multidimensional bodies. This project is still looking for the perfect spot in nature, of minimum 3 hectares in Spain.

The Labyrinth Series

Collages, Paintings and Shrines: In these series I'm exploring the themes that will be present in the physical land based "Labyrinth", and the themes that represent the Labyrinth of life. The matrix of energies that we're navigating in this realm, from incarnation to earthly life to death and beyond. In it's origin, collage is a form of magic in practice. By freeing depictions of different beings from their original context and giving them a new context, they are literally in a new realm, their energy changes and they emanate new frequencies. All the collages (also in the shrines) have the index of their original context on the back, so that their transformation holds both the point of origin and their form in the now. They are all made with the intention to liberate stagnant energies and emanate healing frequencies.

Shrines and Collages

Cutting through Dimensions, a small cross section of the collection


Amanita and the Gorilla

An ode to all that which we store in our body, a mycelium of joy love, symbols, pain and grief... what comes in must come out. I feel it to heal it and what is real can never be lost.


Anunga Runga

Sail in the Vessel of Love. This image is a depiction of the embodiment of complete relaxation and blissful pleasure. Created to emanate just that. May this be a visual meditation for the relaxation of the vagus nerve.


State of Play

I liberate myself through the State of Play, navigating the matrix on a skippyball. This is an ode to playfulness. This shrine opens up the lines of possibility that are accessible in the State of Play (as a state of being/state of mind). In the State of Play, everything is possible, even the laws of nature don't have to apply. Are we flying? Breathing under water? Am I a feather? This is why play is such a powerful healer, there are no limits to what is possible, and it gives us the opportunity to experience something before it is manifest.

photo 21-05-2021, 11 38 53.jpg

Making the Jump

Incarnation in one, two three... Jump!











Wholeness dispersed

I am always home and interconnected to all the stars, beings, dimensions and multiverses. No matter the experience. Man can mourn for the end of a phase in linear time, though a death is but a standing wave that moves on. And the water remains in flow.


We carry the eggs

Evolution along the roots of the oldest trees. This shrine is a reflection of a vision I received in a dream. A team of ancient Gorillas (one of my totem animals) walk up and down a mountain of tree roots up to the oldest and largest tree of planet earth. They carry the eggs of evolution and lay them amongst the roots. Lifting them higher and higher, until they reach the trunk.


The book of life

The female experience. "I used to think I was the strangest person in the world but then I thought there are so many people in the world, there must be someone just like me who feels bizarre and flawed in the same ways I do. I would imagine her, and imagine that she must be out there thinking of me, too. Well, I hope that if you are out there and read this and know that, yes, it’s true I’m here, and I’m just as strange as you." Frida Kahlo

photo 29-05-2021, 20 02 33.jpg

Music and the Path

Maybe the point to all of this, is just to weave harmonies and enjoy the resonance of the melody while seemingly walking towards the center of something, and actually going in circles. Though in this circle, not one step can be the same as the other, because as the old and true saying goes: "No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it's not the same river and he's not the same man."

Self Portraits

These are work in progress. The actual finished portraits are only visible live

and may not be photographed without permission


The Skull Is Always Smiling

How ever I may feel, I know that my skull is ever smiling, and I only have to rest my face upon it to let that smile shine through.


A Thoughtform lives in the Ether

The unborn project that wants to manifest. The baby is the Labyrinth that really wants to find the land already...

photo 11-09-2021, 00 38 16 (1).jpg

Open, Dragon

The last in this series is not fully finished yet. This is because the process I am painting hasn't completed yet. It is the process of fully allowing my inner psychedelic dragon out for the world to see. Perhaps this process will never be complete, as I am not (nor is anyone) a solid structure but more like a standing wave. Though the purpose is to conclude this painting at some point, which hopefully will be reached sometime in the near future.


My Spectral Spine

From root to skull, I carry the rainbow serpent within me and she sparkles with golden stars.


The Wounded Healer

In the first self portrait my left hand and underarm were missing. Somehow I could not manage to paint it. Low and behold, a while later I broke that wrist. Was my painting giving me much needed feedback, to bring my life energy into my wrist? Was the missing part of the painting energetically missing in my being? After a long healing process of two surgeries and a lot of inner work I finally managed to finish the painting and attach my left hand.

photo 11-09-2021, 00 38 17.jpg

A Thoughtform lives in the Ether

Lightlanguage, Labyrinths and many gems of micro and macrocosms are pushing through to manifest. The density of three dimensional earthly life is a slow translator for these creations, regardless, I am deeply committed to seeing them through. That meeting of high (fast) to slow (low) vibrations is what this portrait is all about.

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