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Caroline Lindo 

Caroline Lindo is the artist behind State of Play. She focuses mainly on making multidimensional networks and creating performance and installation healing art pieces.

She studied fashion design and textile design at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy where she graduated with a woven network of demonstrations and protests. After her graduation she worked for Greenpeace Netherlands, she is a peace activist with green roots.

In her work she investigates the connection between the visible and non visible, she visualizes and creates connections. She is interested in the ways in which people relate to each other, themselves, the field of ideas (inspiration, playfulness) and to the earth.


Her art is full of magical touches, social/political awareness and color. The philosophy that moves her forward is that the best way to predict the future is to create it. She has a clear vision of how she wants the world to look and will spend her time on this planet manifesting that.

Exhibitions, shows and installations

The Labyrinth Series exhibition

Plantagedok Open Studios, Amsterdam, 2021

Nestanine, Secret Museum of Berlin,

Berlin, 2019

The observer of the silent drum - Hjertøya Merz, Møre og Romsdal kunstsenter, Molde Norway 2017

The Circle Of - Dokzaal, Home of Art Gallery, 4bid Gallery,

Amsterdam, 2017

Garden of Wishes - Peace Palace, The Hague, 2016 - now


Full Moon Changing Room - Textile Hunters Studio, Amsterdam, 2016

Welcome to Wonderland - Sauna Karavaan, Proeftuin de Luwte, Amsterdam, 2015

State of Play presents: In Living Dreamtime - NDSM, Amsterdam, 2015

State of Play - NDSM, Amsterdam 2015

SpADM - ADM, Amsterdam, 2014

New Moon Changing Room - Dokhuis Gallerie, Amsterdam, 2014


Textile Hunters - Grande Bellezza, Museumnacht, Oostergasfabriek, Amsterdam, 2014


Wishes for the Planet - MAMA eet wat je weet, Dam, Amsterdam, 2014


Kipkommer - MAMA eet wat je weet, Dam, Amsterdam, 2013

Tangible tension - Slow Lloyd, Lloyd Hotel, Amsterdam, 2011


Shanghai Gesture - Museum Willet Holthuijsen, Amsterdam, 2011

"I find a lot of poetry in the creating of rope and networks. Its parallels to life, love, co-creation and human connection are spot on and even tantric. How two strips of textile, twisted around each other are so much stronger than just the sum of both strengths is amazing. One plus one can be three sometimes. When those ropes tie together in a network, the pressure can be distributed throughout the whole body. There is now room to relax and to play.


I dedicate my work  to anyone in the human and more then human world who needs the healing powers of connection, co-creation and play, and I hope that more people than I can possibly imagine will enjoy my creations."

Contact Me

caroline at

00316 30 24 96 71

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