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The Lighthouse

Caroline is available for house clearings, house blessings and as a clutter clearing coach by the Mari Kondo method. Both for clearings, blessings and clutter clearing she is not officially certified but as a highly sensitive being she is self taught and has been clearing houses successfully (with no relapses) since 2017. She does clearings together with a powerful team and also alone, the team is composed according to factors such as the type of the clearing that is needed, the size of the premises, the location and the available time.

"As a highly sensitive being I've always been very sensitive to the tangible and intangible infrastructure of spaces. Quite often I would intuitively adjust a space according to Feng Shui principles without having been schooled in Feng Shui. That is why I know that Feng Shui makes sense, it literally feels better to be in a space that allows the energies to flow in the most harmonic way. Often times there are spaces in houses where things get stuck, energies, beings, entities, and also clutter. There are usually very simple and practical ways of removing those blockages of flow and ensuring a continuous ability for flow. "

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