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Dolmen Da Orca and Abrigo da Orca

Portugal, 1 december 2021

After a long drive from Serta to the Dolmen da Orca in the north of Portugal, I arrived at a windy forest road. The night had already fallen and the moon was nearly new, so with my headlights strong I prayed that I would be guided and guarded to arrive at my destination. The forest road became wider and wider and suddenly I saw the megalithic rock emerging all the way at the end of the road. The road ended in a big circular plane with a round hill and the Dolmen in the center. Upon entering the circle i felt i was entering a huge full hearted vortex. With a steady dome of energy around it. I wanted to jump out of my van and hug the central rock straight away. Walking towards it, the rock circle around it asked me to slow down. I sat with it. The constellation of Orion's belt and Sirius right above it, feeling very connected to my home. When I closed my eyes I could see the Merkaba shape of the place between Sirius A and Sirius B rotating and connecting in a pulsing way. Here it was that I received the inspiration for a recipe to harmonize my being with this pure love frequency:

Leite de Coração Quente / Leche de Corazon Caliente / Milk of the WarmHearted


One cup of rice milk

a tablespoon of cinnamon

a teaspoon of honey

Warm the rice milk in a pan, add the cinnamon. Don't let it boil as the honey likes to stay under 35 degrees Celsius. When it's warm enough, add the honey and pour it in your cup. Mmmmmm... enjoy

(picture of the dolmen drawing at night is coming)

After having the delicious drink I slept like a baby...

In the morning I still felt I couldn't enter the circle of stones to get closer to the central dolmen in the hill, so first i went to the Abrigo da Orca, a five minute walk through the beautiful forest through the misty drizzle.

This Dolmen is a lot smaller, totally accessible and it has a pure crystalline energy. Touching the stones I could feel the crystals in my physical body very clearly, and as well I felt as if my spirit body was a crystal. A crystal consisting of mostly light blue light. Words that resonated in me there were: Equanimity, Calmness, Transparency and purity.

Looking closer at the Megalithic rocks structure I could see it was full of crystals. Upon this visit I had brought my quartz and larimar collection, that I often plant at powerspots to strengthen the grid of meridians to which they are mutually connected, and I sowed some in the moss around the Dolmen, which gratefully received them.

After returning from the Dolmen Abrigo da Orca i walked up into the circle, as the circle now was open, and asked permission to enter the dolmen. Permission was not granted, i needed to bring a flower offering. I went back into the woods to collect the flowers and leaves and created a Despacho. Now i was allowed in.

A huge emotional release happened as i arrived through the tunnel into the main space where i can stand up straight. The ceiling stone about 3 meters high. Tears running down my cheeks. I laid the flower offering in the center and i laid myself down as well. Very vocal crying happened for about 5 minutes. After that i was filled with deep gratefulness. I talked to her, this place and to the ancestral beings that created it. "Thank you for creating and marking this powerspot. It is so needed in this time. It's 2021 now and things are getting very dark on earth. We need these spaces to be activated and you are activated. Thank you."

The information I got from it was that this place is a power vortex to support any healing that is already happening. It amplifies beneficial energies, facilitates flow. One can come here to charge. It has a lot of energetic infrastructure. I felt that taking photos of the inside is not allowed because it can disturb the energetic architecture of the place. So if you would like to see it, it takes a real life visit.

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